PTSD and Relationships CAN Work!

PTSD and Relationships

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With effort and patience, there’s no reason why PTSD and relationships would not work; there’s no doubt about it. Be open about it to your partner / date and create an atmosphere of mutual understanding within your relationship. And you’ll see that PTSD should not keep you from finding love and build a meaningful relationship.

We launched our PTSD dating site, because we noticed that a lot of singles don’t know what to do with their PTSD diagnoses when it comes to the dating game. Should you tell your date about it or not? Should you mention it on your dating profile? When do you share it with your date? On PTSD Dating you won’t have to worry about all of this and can simply enjoy the dating game like any other person would. Because all singles on PTSD Dating, regardless of whether they have a PTSD diagnoses or not, know what to expect and have an open mind towards PTSD.

We hope that you’ll enjoy PTSD Dating and that it’ll enable you to date in a more relaxed way, without having to worry about your diagnoses. Happy dating!

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